October 18, 2013 - 1:50 pm

DDOT to plant 16 trees in LeDroit Park this fall


Fall is a good time to plant trees.  DDOT has released its tree-planing map and LeDroit Park is slated to receive 16 trees.  The agency only plants trees in public space, meaning the trees will be planted in the tree boxes or planting strips between the sidewalks and the curbs.


River Birch

  • 501 T Street
  • 406 T Street
  • 324 T Street
  • 318 T Street

Swamp White Oak

  • 471 Florida Avenue
  • 1934 3rd Street
  • 1842 2nd Street
  • Opposite 1915 2nd Street
  • Opposite 1919 2nd Street
  • 1948 2nd Street

Scarlet Oak

  • 1929 2nd Street

Overcup Oak

  • 329 Rhode Island Avenue

Honey locust

  • 455 Florida Avenue

Sweetgum (Slender Silhouette cultivar)

  • 453 Florida Avenue

Goldenrain tree

  • Opposite 432 Oakdale Place

Cherry tree (Snow Goose cultivar)

  • Southwest circumference of Anna Cooper Circle
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March 14, 2010 - 10:43 am

Trees Planted

The Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata) is one of the many species of trees regularly planted in DC

The District’s Urban Forestry Administration is responsible for planting street trees throughout the city. Just before Christmas we published a map (below) of the UFA’s 2010 tree planting list for LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale.

What a great joy it was to walk home Thursday night to spot a new Japanese zelkova (pictured above) taking root between the sidewalk and street beside our house.  A quick walk around the neighborhood revealed that the other trees had been planted, too.

View LeDroit Park-Bloomingdale Tree Planting Schedule in a larger map

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December 22, 2009 - 11:28 pm

A Tree-Hugger’s Christmas

DC’s Urban Forestry Administration has released its tree-planting list for early 2010.  UFA aims to plant 3,000 trees between the curbs and the sidewalks in the coming year to help expand the city’s tree canopy.  Trees prevent erosion, lower cooling bills, absorb pollutants, and just look pretty.

We have plotted each planned tree for LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale on the map below.

View LeDroit Park-Bloomingdale Tree Planting Schedule in a larger map

These trees will be added to public space, which typically stretches from one sidewalk’s outer edge and across the street to the outer edge of the other sidewalk.

If you would like a tree planted in your private yard in the coming spring, the District Department of the Environment is offering tree-plantings for $50. Order your tree now!

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