December 22, 2009

A Tree-Hugger’s Christmas

DC’s Urban Forestry Administration has released its tree-planting list for early 2010.  UFA aims to plant 3,000 trees between the curbs and the sidewalks in the coming year to help expand the city’s tree canopy.  Trees prevent erosion, lower cooling bills, absorb pollutants, and just look pretty.

We have plotted each planned tree for LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale on the map below.

View LeDroit Park-Bloomingdale Tree Planting Schedule in a larger map

These trees will be added to public space, which typically stretches from one sidewalk’s outer edge and across the street to the outer edge of the other sidewalk.

If you would like a tree planted in your private yard in the coming spring, the District Department of the Environment is offering tree-plantings for $50. Order your tree now!

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