October 22, 2009

Google Street View Updated

Anna J. Cooper Circle

Anna J. Cooper Circle

In August we spotted the Google Street View car (a camera-equipped VW Beattle much like this one) photographing LeDroit Park.

Lo and behold, the neighborhood has been updated in Google Maps to provide more recent imagery of the neighborhood.  Some notable changes include coverage of the 400 block of Elm Street and imagery of Fourth Street after completion of the street’s reconstruction.

Care to look around?  Here’s Anna J. Cooper Circle.

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  1. Saw that somebody bought the apartment building just north of the circle (1907 3rd street NW) and there are permits filed. Anybody know what the new owner plans to do with it? Would be great to see it rehabbed!

    CMT - October 27, 2009 @ 5:27 pm
  2. […] in 2009 we noted that Google had updated all its streetview photos of LeDroit Park. What we didn’t notice is that Google for some time now has been […]

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