October 09, 2009

Good-Bye Mr. Postman

Email and the ailing economy are hurting the U.S. Postal Service as mail volume and postal revenues have dropped. This summer, the USPS proposed a list of 3,600 offices to close nationwide, including our very own LeDroit Park Post Office at Florida, Rhode Island and New Jersey Avenues.

The Postal Service has now narrowed the list of proposed closures to 371 and the LeDroit Park station remains on the list. Since moving to the neighborhood, we have wondered about the economic viability of this particular post office, especially with its limited business hours.  The Postal Service cannot afford to keep all of its post offices open and we understand why they have chosen our post office to close.

If this post office closes, the nearest post office will be at 2400 6th St NW at Howard University. Its hours are similar to those of the LeDroit Park Post Office.

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