April 20, 2015 - 9:16 pm

The Royal brings wifi, Colombian food, and vermouth next month

Fifth Street NW

The Post reports that next month LeDroit Park will get an all-day cafe and restaurant that will morph into a bar at night. After many months of renovations, the Royal will open at 501 Florida Avenue (photo above, far left), and will be run by the Carlson family. The son, Paul, has run Vinoteca (1940 11th St) for many years.

The Royal’s menu will focus on Colombian plates like arepas, empanadas, blood sausage, and plantains and will serve Counter Culture coffee, which currently fills coffee cups at Big Bear Cafe, Peregrine Espresso, and Tryst.  If you’re tired of walking five minutes to Mockingbird Hill for sherry, consider stopping by the Royal for vermouth, which they will serve on tap.

The telework/freelancer set can also rejoice.  Paul Carlson tells the Post that the Royal will beam wifi into both floors during the day for neighbors who come in to work.  So if you find any typos in future posts, blame the vermouth!

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January 29, 2010 - 12:42 pm

Finding Found Art

Ghetto Picasso's calling card.

…And CRASH!!! Sharesten, alone in The Christinsanity Chair, tilts over. The band plays on. Jo joins her. And the two balance The Christinsanity Chair. Friends fo’evah.

Wednesday morning we discovered that LeDroit Park had been “art bombed” with several found-art sculptures. The Brooklyn-based artist Ghetto Picasso adorned several sidewalks with his whimsical works. Each sculpture was tagged with a playing card with a few lines of prose and the artist’s web address.  The artist describes himself thusly:

Theorizing the green movement as a last minute prayer before the Apocalypse, Ghetto Picasso symbolically interprets mankind’s edification efforts with the use of junk, salvage and reclaimed materials.

As detailed in his blog, Ghetto Picasso currently has an installation at Tryst in Adams Morgan.

Found at the LeDroit Park gate.

Found in the front garden at T and Sixth Streets NW

Attached to a fence at T and Wiltberger Streets NW

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